I really like being creative, drifting off and daydreaming.

I can get lost in my mind sometimes and sometimes don’t leave the house as much as I should.

Since I was a kid I have always loved drawing and lost myself to my own imagination.

Working as an artist was just a natural progression and a function of my personality.

From design to illustration I have made a living from being able to turn on a dime with how I approach my work to fit to a project.  

That is probably my strongest point of pride I have in my own work.

I took to 3D modeling like a duck to water.  It really is my passion.  I feel like I am in another world when I open 3d software.

I have been fortunate enough to work in games development for the better part of 9-10 years now and have a fairly extensive knowledge of the development cycle for production.

I make a huge effort to stay current in a fast changing environment, and am always trying to surf that first wave of emergent software.  In doing so, evaluating more efficient ways of accomplishing production goals.

I utilize these skills in the fullest, integrating my 3D software knowledge with traditional paint-over techniques that allow me to produce visuals quickly.

Over the last few years especially I have developed a broader project perspective and desire to influence a project positively as a Senior Artist.